Ageing and The Commodification of Skin

Are you concerned about drooping and sagging? Do you fear the effects of time on your precious epidermis? Anxious that the, entirely natural and normal, effects of ageing will deem you a veritable outcast in society… you may as well go and live on an uninhabited island off the north coast of Scotland if you’re a woman past the age of 35, you’ve reached the end of your useful life.

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So Fresh, So Clean: A Mediation On Skincare

What’s your skin type? Dry and flaky? Oily and acneic? Perhaps it is both, or neither? Regardless, there is a routine out there to cater to your skin’s needs. Something simple like Clinique’s iconic three-step routine, or something more┬ádemanding such as the Korean 10-step routine – there are 2,600,000 results on Google for the search ‘skin care routine’ and innumerable brands touting theirs (hello Clinique!)

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